It's a therapeutic connection to help you thrive as you live out your life. You will be able to read, ask any questions you like, and watch great videos of others who are dealing with the same mental or emotional experiences you are facing in your life. It's a FREE location many stop by daily in order to THRIVE! Stop by and let us hear your voice and grow stronger!


Therapeutic Music
Music to give you hope and change your thoughts!

Get a Let's Thrive Together Certified LIFE COACH if you want to accomplish your goals!! (You will need a Facebook account to join group)

There are many ways you can teach or tell others what you believe or your progress. One way is with Tee-shirts!

Inward Core Healthcare designer team have created shirts that will allow you tell a message without opening your mouth. You will impact so many people with positive thoughts the moment they see you.

Not only will you help others you will inspire yourself by wearing words or pictures you agree with or trying to live out. This easy action step will help embed powerful thoughts, determination, beliefs, or life changing actions in your mind. Then you will find yourself living out what you believe without pressure. This approach is called Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT).

Please Click on the icon to learn how you can get your Tee-shirts on today!! 10% will go towards Individuals or Families that cannot afford Mental Health Services!

This is a self-help workbook for you to use to address inner thoughts or beliefs that are causing you not to move forward in your life or abort your dreams.  Poetry is used in a nontraditional, therapeutic approach to help you see the image or make you more aware of your self-critical thoughts. The questions presented and wisdom points in this book will inspire the reader to take a seat in their personal chair in order to examine “blockers.” The reader will gain the desire and tools to emancipate unwanted feelings and thoughts that have been controlling their life thereby inhibiting their capacity to live freely. Download this E-book on any device today after purchase!


"I have read many self-help books, but this book is different, I felt I was having therapy in my bedroom. The interventions are something anyone can do!" James Thomas, New York, NY

“Nancia has taken painful emotions and skillfully organized them into poetic expression. Her poems are cognitive behavioral oriented and have been used to help clients to identify thoughts and behaviors necessary for change in a non-threatening manner. Her writings help create an environment conducive for insight, healing and growth.”
Angela Rozier L.P.C., NCC, CAMS Atlanta, Georgia

A substantial workbook for life coaches or mental health providers to use in order to help their clients monitor their doubts or belief levels towards achieving their goals on a daily basis. Also a workbook for anyone who needs help with staying on track in order to accomplish their goals. This workbook will also provide the user with action steps in order to help push through his/her doubts and increase their faith/hope.


"This is an excellent book for helping you stay on track with your goals. I highly recommend anyone to buy this if you can't seemed to stay focused on what you are trying to accomplish. All of the information in this book has helped me to write more definitive goals and do a better job of sticking with them. I recommend this book to anyone who is serious about accomplishing their goals and seeing desired results. Don't just buy this book for yourself; buy one for a friend too! By doing this, you can encourage each other from start to finish." Buyer off Amazon - Michael

Teens Helping Other People (TeenHOP) is a 501c3 program for students and teenagers. TeenHOP mission is to empower and aid preteens (10 - 12) and teenagers (13 - 19) to volunteer in their communities, train others, learn leadership skills, and become positive citizens.

Teaching children or young adults how to give and care for others is very important. Giving to others with the right attitude will help with developing self-confidence, increase compassion, build emotional connection to people in their community, and help them become better citizens. Studies have shown that students with behavioral issues, self-esteem issues, and depression tend to improve after helping others in need.

Plus students who desire to graduate from middle school, high school, and attend college need to gain volunteer hours in their community. This is an easy, fun, and cool way to do it and you don't have to wear an uniform!

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